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encouraged me a lot.   1          to blame   only   my   laziness  and

Incompetence for the                              of this book.

The munificent                    by the              University is

for   the                     of  this

belatedly.   I am aware of my limitations, viz : the data collected

is not comprehenshe ar-d ED: Sapless and the analysis is not

the format  of modern linguistics.    Though a

of twenty iHe years has elapsed since my maiden attempt,

no body          to                    up the neglect                sofar.   As

I ventured now atleast to bring out this edition so that it

be of         use to the students of linguistics.   The vocabulary

is onlv from the Gadabas of "Raja Cheruvu Valasa", a

hainlet sear Bobbili. The data collected Is not sufficient. The

deSigent analysis of the vocabulary; and different sentence patterns

and th? stories narrated b\ native speakers may go a longway IB

wia* siJie Sight on the lanjaag^ & gramoiar of this tribe.

My migration from  Bobbin to a  faroff place  and the

changes in my attitude faa\e dampened  my interest In the matter-

But the happy days  I spent in conversing with the Gadabas, their

Jokes, wilticisims and the repartes exchanged durin* the process of

collecting the data ifrill remain e\er greeo  in my  memory.   The

interest evinced by the white collared people ia Gadabas and their

has                          selfrespect and that could be read

on their faces.   Their cherished hope that I would some day write

books for them in their language reminds me of the trottering looks

of                 birds          they notice strangers. Their frank nature

laughter and the pleasure           derived by gathering

as have all become aa integral part of my emotional being

and contributed Ia           a measure to my hapvv memories

Though the Eame is mine the efforts behind are those of